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Hi everyone! I'm quite new to Marathon having only played it about a year ago, but I was blown away by the depth of it all (especially the writing) and by the strength of the community around it. Aleph one is a superb achievement.

Myself and a good buddy have put together a project we call 'Multiscreen Marathon' for displaying game content across different devices - the thread for that is here, if you're interested.

Cheers everyone!
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Welcome! Always good to see new faces and new innovations. I probably won't use MM as I all but completely neglect smart devices, but I think it's awesome that you made it. Cheers.
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I've only played marathon for about two years now, thats thanks to my iphone. After that I looked through Bungie's older games and I was fond of them. I still suck at multiplayer on aleph one though.
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So wil you be visiting here regularly, or were you just popping in to inform us of your project?
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