It appears that I've never formally introduced myself...

Introduce yourself here!
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Well, hello then.

These intro posts always confound me as to what to say, but whatever.
I guess the topic would be marathon? Right, marathon.
I've been playing marathon since perhaps about 2004 or 2005, and although that's a good decade after the game came out, it was one of the first non-console games I really got into.

And yes, not to sound like a queer or nothin', but I discovered Marathon via Halo...however, unlike Halo, Marathon's Randian-ranting plot has kept me around. Halo's lack thereof has not.
Not to mention, Durandal's particular brand of harsh rhetoric really helped me through some hard points in my life. Great motivation when you need to strive for your next breath and do with it more than you did with your last...

So technical ability and stuff, right? Am I a super-cool scenario writer for aleph one? Do I even into making maps?

Nope. I'll be honest, A1's tools have always been something elusive to me. Between Obed's knack for not existing anymore outside of a corrupted download, me having no luck with Mac emulation and Weland being "funny" about wanting to work (and this is a my-incompetance end of things mainly), marathon "editing" for me has largely consisted of dumping textures from shapes files and converting them into Doom patches.

And that takes us into Doom. Yes, Doom; I'm "keen" for a reason, and id's platformers spring to mind in immediacy. Most of my mapping experience is in either Vanilla doom, or doom-in-hexen format maps, and most of my cues for the level design process are stolen, canned, bumper-sticker slogans from john romero.
Even with that said, though, A1's "portal based rendering" and interesting methods for performing room-over-room (and hell, that mental mystery of 5-D space) still fascinate me to no end, and learning as much about the engine's mechanics is really something that's piqued my curiosity.

And that's the first post I've ever made in an introductions forum.
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Welcome to the Pfhorums, keen :3
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Welcome. I'm sure you'll do well with this community.
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