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Hello, my name is DooMNukeM & I have always been a fan of Marathon. I have always loved these style of games as you can tell by my name. Anyways, I wanted to not only support this amazing site, but I am in a clan for fans of the Arena FPS genre. I repeat, this is not a game, it's a clan. As of writing this the site isn't finished yet, and the default web design talks about something that isn't a real game, it's fake. But, the forums, which are finished works perfectly fine. Hope some of you join & have a nice day.
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Welcome to the Pfhorums!
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This is the third time I've seen this post go up and later disappear. Has a moderator been deleting it? If so, I hope they're communicating the reasons to the original poster.
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I love The Frag Nation! For anyone else who regularly browses there, my handle is fedorableNecroromanticism.
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