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Long time Marathoner here! Been chomping at the bit to get back into the swing of things after getting a new computer after Christmas (Mac Mini plugged into my HDTV). Boy have I missed this trilogy! I even got Rubicon to boot, hoping to be able to start working my way through the total conversions when I can.

I also wanted to make some maps of my own, but I've already run into a few snags...it seems like the newest version of Aleph One and the 3 main scenarios (M1,2,I) all have integrated files cause I can't seem to find the map/shapes/etc files, nor the Plug-in folder so that I can use Visual Mode....

I'm sure with everyone's help I can get up and running sometime soon, got a bunch of ideas I wanted to test out.

See you starside!
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Welcome to the Pfhorums!

See 'ya starside!
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The game-specific Mac downloads have the files inside the application bundle, for ease of use. If you want to hack on the maps and shapes, you have two options:

1. From the Finder's contextual menu, choose "Show Package Contents", and then go into Contents/DataFiles.

2. Download the game files separately, and use them with the standalone Aleph One engine. From the Aleph One home page, click the "Available for" button, and then "standalone Marathon [or 2, or Infinity] game files" near the bottom of that page.

Hope this helps, best of luck to you!
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