Hello... I'm new... I guess...

Introduce yourself here!
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So... Here I am. Hello everyone, my name... or.. my nickname... is 810... All rigth, long story short:
I was a Halo Fan. I knew that Halo had a lot of references to Marathon, so I wanted to give it a try. And... I fell in love with it. The story, characters, weapons, enemies... everything. I finished the three original marathon games and Rubicon.

I wanted to make a scenario for Marathon, but I didn't find any tool to do so... Neither a way to use the existent ones... maybe I'm too dumb for it. I have windows and I've never touched a Mac, never in my life.
I forgot about that... I tried to fill the vaccum and I decided to make a game, I was thinking in something like sci-fi+horror. And marathon came to my mind, I wanted to make a new game, but I also wanted something that could explain a little more 'bout marathon.

So... My game is Marathon based. It has it's own story, but it attempts to be in the same universe as Marathon.

And finally, how did I get here?
I was searching for Marathon 3d models, I found some, but I never used them.
I'm used to read your pfhorum, see what's going on, try to figure out the role of every one of you...
But I think it's to better to ask this: How the things work here?
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Hello... welcome... I guess...

May you finish your scenario some day...

Watch out for falling dishwashers...
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Welcome to the

There are over 98,000 posts in more than 7,400 topics.
Even a topic 10 years old can be still valid today so it's profitable to read 'em.
Especially this topic.
Check out the Search function.

Post your work in the appropriate Pfhorum
Topic: Hey! Look at what I did.
And some people will tell you what's good about it and what's wrong with it - sometimes technical, sometimes just opinion, but always informative.
There are some films too. The one below, I copied from a Tour of Duty post on the Story Forum (another good place to read). It plays on Marathon: Durandal.

Here and here are a couple o recent creations with criticism. Here's a commentary on Rubicon.

I don't know anything about mapping, etc., but I read these then play the scenario to find if I can see the point of the criticism. There are often differences between the opinions of a creator and a player. All my opinions are strictly from the point of view of a player (me).

Be patient. Take your time. It's about art. It's about style.
Smooth talkin slow walkin Marathon style.
I just play 'em; I don't know how they work.
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ukimalefu wrote:Watch out for falling dishwashers...
All right, I'll keep that in mind.

And, HelviusRufus, thank you for the links. :)

Thank you for the welcome
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810 wrote:How the things work here?
Through anarchy.

Welcome aboard.
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philtron wrote:
810 wrote: Through anarchy.
We all know the CLIQUE is a very real thing... at least until Ryoko single-handedly destroys this place.
Frog blast the vent core!
$lave wrote:Damnit bridgit, you are forgetting how fucking serious business the internet is.
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A warm welcome!!!
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