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Born on Board
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Hi y'all! I've been playing Marathon since the beginning (when I was a little kid, sorry if this makes anyone feel old), and mapmaking and modding was basically my hobby throughout my middle school and teen years. Nothing remotely releasable, but I've enjoyed watching the community from afar and playing Rubicon, TGI, Phoenix, etc. Now that I'm out of college and have more free time on my hands I'm hoping to get back into modding, writing, and level design. I love stories and science fiction, and Marathon's story is one of my personal favorites. On this board you'll probably find me asking really dumb questions about development or geeking out about story obscurities. Nice to meet you all!
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Mjolnir Mark IV
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Nice to meet you lardboy. Interested to see what you'll show us in the years ahead.

Fyi, this board is more for mapmaking and engine questions. If you're looking for story discussions, then you should head on over to the Marathon Story Forum, which I'm too lazy to take five extra seconds and actually hyperlink you to: http://forums.bungie.org/story/

EDIT: Well, look at that. The url automatically becomes a hyperlink, neat stuff.
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Double Tap
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Nice to meet you. I'm getting back into the game after being away for awhile. First started playing on my Apple 7200/90. Anyway, have a nice day.
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