G'Day Mate!

Introduce yourself here!
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Hello all,

I am from Australia if the prior greeting did not explain this already. :)

I have always been a very keen fan of Marathon and the series, ever since I was young and my parents gave me a Mac for xmas. All my friends were playing Terminal Velocity and Doom and Rise of the Triads, when I was playing Glider. :(

then Something Awesome happened, Finally a game to rival all the other FPS Dos counterparts. and hence started my love with the Marathon Trilogy.

anyway, Peace!
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Hello there! Welcome to the Pfhorums.
welcome to the scene of the crash
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Welcome, welcome. Always good to have another Marathon fan on the boards. And you're hitting me with some serious nostalgia with that mention of Glider. That was the Dark Souls of paper-airplane-protagonist-obstacle-course games.
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