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G'Day Mate!

Posted: Mar 12th '18, 10:15
by MrEff
Hello all,

I am from Australia if the prior greeting did not explain this already. :)

I have always been a very keen fan of Marathon and the series, ever since I was young and my parents gave me a Mac for xmas. All my friends were playing Terminal Velocity and Doom and Rise of the Triads, when I was playing Glider. :(

then Something Awesome happened, Finally a game to rival all the other FPS Dos counterparts. and hence started my love with the Marathon Trilogy.

anyway, Peace!

Re: G'Day Mate!

Posted: Mar 12th '18, 14:30
by General-RADIX
Hello there! Welcome to the Pfhorums.

Re: G'Day Mate!

Posted: Mar 22nd '18, 01:36
by philtron
Welcome, welcome. Always good to have another Marathon fan on the boards. And you're hitting me with some serious nostalgia with that mention of Glider. That was the Dark Souls of paper-airplane-protagonist-obstacle-course games.