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New here but definitely not to the trilogy. Started on the first on an old Macintosh. I'm looking to get back into map and physics making again since most of the stuff I'd downloaded back then seems to have disappeared from the net. Oh and I look forward to saying hi to everyone.
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Welcome. I’ve been playing the games since late 1996 or early 1997 myself; there are a few other veterans of the original Mac releases here as well (Pfhorrest is certainly one). A number of my contributions are still on the Story page dating back as far as early 1997.

This place doesn’t get a ton of posts these days (I don’t think the obnoxiously aggressive post flood control helps at all), but there’s still plenty of stuff going on here. Eternal 1.2 development remains ongoing. At this point, the graphics pretty much seem to be finished, so the main further modifications to the game seem to be debugging some problems with the plugins and refining the maps to perfection (or as close as we can attain). Where Monsters Are in Dreams still seems to be progressing nicely, though the development isn’t as public-facing as many of the other projects’ are. Marathon 1 Redux is a really cool attempt to reimagine the first game, though it’s slowed down for the time being as Lia’s schedule is a bit busier now. I’ve got my own scenario which I’m still plugging away at, though it’s nowhere near finished (nonetheless, it’s still possible to play it from start to finish); I’m trying to keep development as open-source as possible. I’m also working to build the world’s largest library of vidmaster films on YouTube; I’ve probably got at least 650 publicly visible videos by now. I’m still having trouble getting SheepShaver to run Marathon properly, so no M1 content yet (it loads and runs fine for a bit, but it soft-locks after a few minutes, and I haven’t gotten sound to work yet); I hope to get that fixed soon.

Regarding disappeared content, a lot of the old Fileball uploads no longer function properly, but the Archives still seem to be functioning fine. Simplici7y still functions fine as well. There are probably a few major releases that aren’t on either of those sites; it’d be nice if someone would put up a mirror of the old Fileball archives at some point.

I only just today discovered that Alex Bolton (Phoenix creator) has his own YouTube channel (I hope you don’t mind my linking this here, Alex, but it’s linked on so I’m assuming it’s not meant to be a secret) where he posted commentary on, it looks like, most (all?) of the levels through “Swan Song” (the others seem to have been added to the game later on; “Into Sandy’s City” was the last level the first time I played it, but I know that wasn’t the first release). I look forward to viewing those over the next several days. Maybe I’ll start to suck less at his game by seeing him play it, too; I’ve certainly improved a lot at the trilogy by watching Dr Sumner, Jeff Lindquist, and other vidmasters in action.

Anyway, welcome.
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