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Hi all. For some reason while sipping coffee on a quiet Sunday morning, I thought to go back to bungie.org to see if much had changed from the days I spent there in the early 2000's. After some wandering I wound up here and was pleased to see a place that was active, but not overactive. Bungie was a significant piece of my growing up and I'm happy that I can still hear echos of the old days in some corners of the world.
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Welcome aboard.
Yes, still things going on, Eternal is being revised, Chronicles is be tidied up, and you can watch it all unfold step by step. Fascinating to watch it grow. It's great when a plan comes together.

There is also this project, sort of a Marathon This Old House. But don't be alarmed, you can still find and play
the single fisted Marathon,
the two fisted M1A1 with the PiD introduction and the mod so you can Vid Cool Fusion, or
the two fisted M1A1 (I think, I don't know the official designation) edition without the PiD intro,
one stop shopping and something for everyone.

Also, search the topics, there are quite a few experiments, short stories of only a few levels;
they are full o secret doors leading to all sorts o places but, like all secrets, you have to search for them.
I just play 'em; I don't know how they work.
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HelviusRufus wrote:sort of a Marathon This Old House
Haha, I'll take that description. Incidentally I'd love to make the left fist default, but haven't figured out how.

There's also Tario Saga, and one other scenario in the works I can't quite remember. Something with Nar or Nebulons in it I think?
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Welcome to the Pfhorums. Beyond all the other stuff people have mentioned there’s also my YouTube channel, which by now has most of the Vidmaster films of M2/∞, Rubicon, Tempus Irae, etc., though I haven’t put anything up for any of those in about a week. Links to threads about Chronicles, Eternal, and my YouTube channel are in my signature. Where Monsters Are in Dreams is presumably still in development, too, but the dev team doesn’t provide public progress updates as often. (I think that might be what raven is thinking about re: Nebulons as well.)
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