Halo 1 SPV3 Tour of Duty Complete

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The Halo SPV3 mini Tour of Duty I've been doing on the story page while waiting for Chapter 2 failure levels of Eternal is now done. This thread is to serve as a quick link to all the parts so you don't need to search for them all. Some stages or Primer circles are in two parts as they get pretty long, either because of the level being that long or embedded videos (in the last episode's case) taking up a lot of space on top of the level being longer.

If you aren't afraid of spoilers, read the primer first but be warned there is still the odd spoiler in the Tour itself. Of course, the games have been out for decades now so...


Circle 1: http://forums.bungie.org/story/?noframes;read=72492

Circle 2: http://forums.bungie.org/story/?noframes;read=72493

Circle 3: http://forums.bungie.org/story/?noframes;read=72495

Main Tour

Stage 0: http://forums.bungie.org/story/?noframes;read=72508

Stage 1: http://forums.bungie.org/story/?noframes;read=72509

Stage 2: http://forums.bungie.org/story/?noframes;read=72518

Stage 3: http://forums.bungie.org/story/?noframes;read=72519

Stage 4: http://forums.bungie.org/story/?noframes;read=72619

Stage 5: http://forums.bungie.org/story/?noframes;read=72620

Stage 6: http://forums.bungie.org/story/?noframes;read=72622

Stage 7: http://forums.bungie.org/story/?noframes;read=72623

Stage 8: http://forums.bungie.org/story/?noframes;read=72624

Stage 9: http://forums.bungie.org/story/?noframes;read=72785

Special Stage 1: http://forums.bungie.org/story/?noframes;read=72786

Special Stage 2: http://forums.bungie.org/story/?noframes;read=72787

Stage 10: http://forums.bungie.org/story/?noframes;read=72788

I recall Viking Boy Billy saying at one point he planned to do Halo 2 (I can't remember when that was though if that's true) so I'll be leaving that to him or at least anyone who did want to do it. I recommend Project Cartographer for Halo 2 Vista before tackling Anniversary on the Master Chief Collection however. Both those games also have a mod by Ruby of Blue that re-balances Halo 2's Legendary to not suck anymore.

Halo 2 Rebalenced for Project Cartographer: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wbS__b ... RDYMD/view

Halo 2 Rebalenced for Halo 2 Anniversary (Master Chief Collection PC): https://www.nexusmods.com/halothemaster ... n/mods/362

There's also a mod that restores a cut Warthog run on the level High Charity. However, when I recently played it I found out to my chagrin that it consists of just the warthog run replacing the whole level, and doesn't simply replace the end section of the level, keeping the rest of it up to that point like I first thought. (that's an idea for an update to the mod if BlackDimund does one)

Due to this it might be worth trying the hog run second after the first level, then switching it back.

Video of Hog Run: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXwEw3jM-h4&t=213s

Download link to map patch: https://www.xboxchaos.com/topic/5333-ha ... -restored/

I have screenshots of this warthog run too from when I played it.
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Meerjel01 wrote:
Nice! :)

I actually made a "HedgeHog run" photoshop of that section too:

https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/ ... 2115362652

https://lion-o-cyborg-iii.tumblr.com/po ... prophet-of
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