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Have a question, suggestion, or comment about Aleph One's features and functionality (Lua, MML, the engine itself, etc)? Post such topics here.
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I uploaded a preview build (executables only, no data files) so you can try out the new Lua "ephemera" feature, which can be used for precipitation or other render effects; or the new "editor" feature which improves visual editing scripts like Visual Mode or Vasara.

Should offer improved performance on mac OS and Windows as well. ... e-20201026
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Great job Treellama!

I think it runs a little faster in linux as well. :) Unless I'm crazy...which I suppose the two aren't mutually exclusive.
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If you’re on Windows, it's definitely faster for some maps. If I’m remembering the discussion in the Discord correctly, 1.3 and 1.3.1 were mistakenly built without some of the optimisations found in previous releases, which caused slowdowns on visually complex maps (e.g., seemingly half of Eternal). 1.4pre1 has those optimisations reintroduced. As a result, it should run “Where Giants Have Fallen” at 30 fps where 1.3.1 may chug. If you’re on Windows and having performance issues, I’d recommend grabbing this.

Great stuff all around – I’m massively impressed at how far the engine has come over the last few months.
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